IDSHK Member Welfare

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 Scooptee 網上折扣優惠85折 15% Discount With OnlinePurchase IDSHK所有會員可享有網上折扣優惠85折,印製圖案在全有機棉產品上,即HK$169(原價HK$198)。優惠卷號碼:MEMIDSHKIDSHK IDSHK 會員可以優惠價採購有機棉產品(價錢以數量而定)。“Scooptee”採用環保的數碼印花技術,將設計者創作圖案以環保水溶性墨水印製在有機棉製成產品上。

All members of IDSHK can enjoy 15% discount while online purchase with printed pattern on the all-organic cotton products. Discount price HK$169 (original price HK$198).
Members can also purchase organic cotton products with discount (depend on quantity). Please type in our coupon code for your purchase. (This code has been send to members by email)
“Scooptee” use environmental friendly digital printing technology in printing on organic cotton products. Designed patterns are printed with water soluble inks which are environmental friendly.